La Joya

Romantic and flattering silhouettes in earthy, neutral shades with the lush, luxurious sheen of jewel tones, paired with our signature velvet accents and rose gold hardware.



Indulge in luxury and Mediterranean romance with a romantic ruched front & an adjustable velvet centre, for a classic Amber twist.



A bandeau-style top featuring a center front white tortoiseshell hoop and adjustable sides for the perfect amount of coverage.

Amber in your words
The pink and grey is so nice together, it’s super comfortable and the bottoms are adjustable since they are ties. New favorite swim suit!
— Chloe Q.
Comfortable and pleasantly pleased by the soft trim. As what's pictured, there's a scoop neckline and just nice for smaller bust size. When wearing it doesn't make me too self-conscious. It's as if wearing the right size of sports bra but for pool instead. :)
— SI Y.
Satin with velvet strings. Interesting combination in cobalt blue! Made me swoon whilst unboxing it. A unique piece. Priced reasonably for the quality. Item was delivered neatly in a box, with a functional tote bag.
— Denise
Such a classic and timeless design and so versatile as well. I’ve worn it as a bodysuit countless times and have gotten many compliments. I love the red velvet straps, so luxe and eye catching. It’s such a simple yet chic suit and one I’ll definitely be reaching for over and over again.
— Fairuz R.

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