Be That Woman

Here's to living life and loving furiously and passionately, with intent, strength, purpose and poise. And here's to the role models and women around us, whose shoulders we proudly stand on. 

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Introducing Amber

Amber had its genesis on a hot summer’s night, where Chin Han (my entrepreneurial co-founder and the love of my life) and I were discussing (heatedly) the idea of creating a lifestyle brand, which would embody a certain person, a certain feeling, a certain je ne sais quoi. Over the course of several months, many bottles of wine, and some difficult conversations (i.e. disagreements), bouts of self-doubt and utter panic later, Amber came to fruition. It’s been an incredible, fulfilling journey but not without its moments. So who and what is Amber? Amber is every woman with a hectic city life, whose theatre is the concrete and glass metropolis and all the green spaces in between, who gives her all towards...

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