We know, cabin fever is REAL and these days, anxiety and restlessness feature heavily in our daily lives. We're on edge and cooped up for days on end. Here are some Spotify playlists to help ease you out of those negative emotions and into that sweet, cerebral spot of energy, WFH productivity and calm.

730AM: Wake Up Happy

Hey Google, play "Wake Up Happy" on Spotify. Proceed to spring out of bed to feel-good music and leap into the shower to greet the new day. Maybe give in to a little dance before the onslaught of new emails dictates the rest of your morning...

11AM: Your Favourite Coffeehouse 

Done with your first intense as hell conference call? Have a hot cuppa joe, sit back in your chair and enjoy a spot of calm morning sun to these mellow, acoustic, indie tunes. Feels good, doesn't it?

1PM: Motivation Mix

Get inspired by home workout videos on Instagram/Youtube/Tiktok (?) and attempt some lunchtime HIIT to these uplifting, energetic tracks in your living room. Let's! Get! This! Abs! Abs! Abs! 

4PM: K-Indie Picks

Power through the rest of the afternoon with a collection of sweet tracks from K pop's thriving independent scene - everything from electro numbers to more experimental singles. Food coma, be gone!

7PM: Dinner with Friends

Pour yourself a well-deserved glass of cabernet sauvignon and wind (or wine) down with these contemporary, mellow beats. No friends over these days, but hey, a quick Skype call or virtual clinging of glasses over Zoom with that best friend you miss dearly would do you wonders.

11PM: Bedroom Jams

Done for the day? Had too much wine? Ran out of wine? Take a nice long hot shower and cosy up in bed with sensual, lush R&B and slow jams. Thank yourself for the great, productive day you just had and allow Lalaland to beckon... 

- Team Amber Swim
April 02, 2020 — Diana Chan

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