These days, our morning commutes begin at the bed and end at the study desk/dining table (or whatever other space is available at home). Our favourite studios and gyms are shut for the time being and our Apple watches are crying out for activity. Our pantsuits and pencil skirts are forlorn in our wardrobes and our PJs are severely overworn from day to night. We’re slipping, girls, and that is UNACCEPTABLE.

Here are some free workouts (and other stuff) you can try at home. In your living room. Be that enviable soul who exits quarantine with a clear, focused mind and a glamorous hair flip, exposing toned abs. 
Begin the day with a spot of gentle stretchin’ and flowin’. Urge the limbs to be limber (instead of just limp!), let the mind be present with some mindful movement and set your intentions for the day ahead. Here are some YouTube yogis we like, with all-levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced options.


Her YouTube channel is a personal favourite for us – her videos are engaging with clear instructions and verbal cues and set at the right pace for all levels. Discover a variety of tutorials fitting a range of moods and themes, including core strength, gentle flow and complete relaxation.


Everyone knows Alo does the best studio to street styles. Did you know they also have a collection of free YouTube tutorials, hosted by some of the best in the online yoga community? We particularly love the power vinyasa flows with Briohny Smyth filmed in an airy, light-filled space. Each tutorial is typically 10-45 minutes long, and therefore perfect for those tight spots of time in the mornings.

We’re all ready for that lunchtime carbo loading but before browsing GrabFood for the pasta you’ve been craving all morning, how about a home HIIT workout to get the heart racing?


With close to 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Emi’s videos are uplifting and energetic. It certainly helps that her online persona is so damn likeable for those of us with short attention spans – she intersperses videos with short, funny snippets of personal video content. Coerce your partner into doing her HIIT workouts with you; it’ll be fun, we promise.

Bonus: Admire Emi in her Amber swimwear (the Robin in White set!).



German fitness influencer Pamela Reif has a series of curated workouts available on her YouTube channel – anything from beginner-friendly abs and booty work to full body burns. If you only have 15 minutes to spare in between conference calls but want to get some serious burn in, we seriously recommend her ab workouts. 

Certified personal trainer Sydney launches new workout videos on her YouTube channel EVERYDAY. We love the variety, her upbeat and personable personality as well as the fact that most of her workouts incorporate the use of weights, for those of us who like to switch it up from body weight HIIT. Highly recommended. 

Done with dinner? Schedule a Zoom party with your friends and master the Crip Walk together. The C-Walk is a dance move and pop culture sensation originating from Compton, Los Angeles and involves (VERY!) quick, intricate footwork.

We’re not ashamed to say we've never really mastered this despite multiple tries over multiple glasses of wine but hey, maybe you or your friends will be a natural at this. In any event, laughter absolutely guaranteed.


P.S. Forgive us for tooting our own horn, but we would strongly recommend our Dylan Longline Top for your lower-intensity home workouts - the lightweight and stretchy fabric is comfy and the longline cut provides sufficient support. More reason to admire our toned physiques in the mirror post-workout! 

- Team Amber Swim
April 16, 2020 — Diana Chan

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