Amber is every woman with a hectic city life, whose theatre is the concrete and glass metropolis and the green spaces in between, who gives her all towards everything she commits to, who understands what it feels like to be completely burnt out. Amber is every woman, who, through experience, understands how crucial it is to find time and internal space to rejuvenate and recuperate. Amber is the knowledge that burning your candle at both ends gives a lovely light, which ultimately will not last the night. Amber is complete self-awareness, it’s knowing what or who works for you.

As a brand, we are not here to peddle a technicolour lifestyle or an aspirational yet unattainable fantasy. We are not here to perpetuate some crazy notion of all fun and no balance. We are here to make things easier for utterly real women in their daily rounds. Women who work hard, play hard and do everything right in between, yet know to slow down at the right time, in the right place. 


So bring us along on your journey. Make us part of your lives. Let us be that novel by the pool, the candle on your nightstand, that group chat with your best girl friends, your favourite yoga playlist, that voice of encouragement after a hard day’s work. Because Amber starts and ends with you - and we’re so glad you’re here. 



We started with a vision of making things easier for real women living full, hectic lives. Our designs are conceived through this prism and each style is considered, carefully crafted and timeless. Before we proceed to bulk production, each collection undergoes multiple iterations and sampling stages, with our manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Our manufacturer has been verified onsite by Intertek, one of the world’s leading inspection and certification companies headquartered in the UK. As our swimsuits feature subtle hints of velvet and are crafted from high-end fabric, we’ve found that our manufacturing partner remains the most experienced and versatile in managing production of our designs. We greatly value their technical expertise and insights when it comes to the feasibility, wearability and durability of our designs and trust them entirely in bringing our designs to life. 


Subtle velvet accents: Each Amber swimsuit features glossy velvet detailing, embedded within the design, whether this is in the shoulder straps, side piping or bust and hip bands. While we relish thinking up new ways of incorporating velvet accents in our styles, these details are sometimes technically difficult to pull off, due to the nature of the fabric and usually require multiple rounds of sampling and testing before launch. Our velvet has a luxe, iridescent glow which holds up perfectly in water and feels soft and luxurious. 

High-end fabric: Our swimsuits are cut from premium, buttery soft fabric. This is usually a mixture of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, which provides 4-way stretch and is delicious to the touch and on your skin. We NEVER compromise on fit and feel and customers rave often about the feel of our fabric (read our reviews!). 

For designs in our sustainable range, we use Italian Carvico fabric (ECONYL®), made of a mixture of 78% recycled nylon or polyester (depending on whether the fabric is printed or dyed) and 22% elastane. ECONYL® is made of regenerated fabric from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets and tulle, which can be recycled infinitely. 

Rose gold hardware: We love giving you hints of subtle luxury which elevate each swimsuit. Our delicate rose gold Amber tags are meticulously hand-sewn onto each piece. 



Amber was birthed out of a desire to promote mindfulness, intentional living and mental wellness amongst us - with an emphasis on self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-care. This is our key ethos and our raison d'être for the brand in the first place. We are so excited to be given the opportunity to create a growing Amber community of strong and self-actualising women. Read more about some of our mental wellness campaigns here


We are committed to sustainability as a key tenet of our brand and have made certain investments to this end. 

Our swimwear & loungewear: We have a main line of swimwear and loungewear which features more pocket-friendly prices, and are simultaneously developing a larger sustainable range in the meantime. We use Italian-made ECONYL® (i.e. regenerated fabric from pre and post industrial waste) for our sustainable range - each swimsuit that we manufacture and you purchase reduces waste from our landfills and oceans by recycling items such as discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles As you may guess, use of this fabric invariably means costs are higher, in terms of fabric sourcing, sampling and bulk production. As business owners, we’ve had to make certain decisions to swallow a huge percentage of sampling and production costs to ensure our sustainable range remains accessible to most of our customers. 

Our loungewear pieces are made of 100% organic cotton, which is an all-natural fiber that is recyclable and produced without using pesticides. 

We only produce small runs of each design and bring in backorders and restocks when demand is especially high to reduce wastage. This also allows us to remain nimble and trim enough in terms of inventory at all times - this is slow, slow, slow fashion without the exorbitant price tag and just how we like it. 

Packaging: We use mailing boxes made of cardboard for larger and/or domestic orders within Singapore, which are biodegradable and recyclable. For smaller orders and/or international orders outside of Singapore, we use plastic mailers which are made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. This gives plastics already in circulation a second life and allows us to get your swimsuits to you dry and in the best condition. This is also the most space-efficient, compact and lightweight packaging method for cross border shipping. 

Tote Bags: Each order of a swimsuit comes with an Amber canvas tote bag, which is made of cotton, an all-natural fabric and may be reused over and over again. Our customers bring our tote bags to the gym, the supermarket and on all sorts of errand runs!