Amber had its genesis on a hot summer’s night, where Chin Han (my entrepreneurial co-founder and the love of my life) and I were discussing (heatedly) the idea of creating a lifestyle brand, which would embody a certain person, a certain feeling, a certain je ne sais quoi. Over the course of several months, many bottles of wine, and some difficult conversations (i.e. disagreements), bouts of self-doubt and utter panic later, Amber came to fruition. It’s been an incredible, fulfilling journey but not without its moments. 

So who and what is Amber? Amber is every woman with a hectic city life, whose theatre is the concrete and glass metropolis and all the green spaces in between, who gives her all towards everything she commits to, who understands what it feels like to be completely burnt out. Amber is any and all of us, who have, through the unforgiving lens of experience, understood how crucial it is to find the time and internal space to rest, rejuvenate and recuperate. Amber is the knowledge that burning your candle at both ends gives a lovely, lovely light – but ultimately will not last the night. Amber is complete self-awareness, it’s knowing what or who works for you (and knowing exactly what or who doesn’t).

And so Amber is a celebration of that awareness, that knowledge, that reality. As a brand, it’s not our objective to peddle a technicolour SoCal lifestyle. We are not here to hawk an aspirational yet completely unattainable fantasy. We are not here to reinvent the wheel or to perpetuate some crazy notion of all fun and no balance. We are here to make things easier and effortless for utterly real women in their daily rounds. Women who work hard, play hard and do everything right in between, yet know to slow down at the right time, in the right place.

So bring us along on your journey. Make us part of your lives. Let us be that novel by the pool, let us be that lavender candle on your nightstand, let us be that group chat with your best girl friends, let us be your favourite yoga playlist, let us be that emboldening voice of encouragement after a hard day’s work. Because Amber starts and ends with you and us.

April 17, 2019 — Diana Chan

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