As some of you may know, beyond swimwear and the products we create, Lem and I founded Amber with a bigger vision of creating a brand with an intimate connection with real women in their daily rounds and a community centred around that. While a good portion of the last few months after our first launch in late April 2019 was spent coping (or struggling) with operational issues and a very steep learning curve, we also set aside some time and effort discussing and planning how we could refocus on Amber's vision. This vision is why we do what we do, and what keeps us going on days where we feel frankly unmotivated and exhausted. 

Together with our creative team, we created a series of illustrations and accompanying texts which, in keeping with our ethos, we hope resonates with the modern woman. Who is strong and gives her all, yet also seeks solace, lets go, forgives, be free and loves herself when necessary. Who relies on, and gives strength to, a community of like-minded women and role models around her. 

We hope this campaign motivates you to recognise the unbelievable strength, courage and purpose in yourself, and in other women and role models around you. So so strong. 

In conjunction with the above, we also created a limited edition BE THAT WOMAN coaster set, that we will be giving away to our customers. Why coasters, of all things? We like the idea of being connected with you via something as innocuous and understated yet prevalently used as a coaster, on which coffee/tea cups and wine glasses are placed on a daily basis in the comfort of one's own sanctuary, and through which a constant reminder can be conveyed. Don't we all privately muse or have conversations with people whom we love and cherish over our choice of drink? Well, we want to be part of that journey. 

Here's to living life and loving furiously and passionately, with intent, strength, purpose and poise. And here's to the community of role models and women around us, whose shoulders we proudly stand on. 



August 28, 2019 — Diana Chan

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